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EMV L1 and TQM certification of POS device

The subject of this procurement are certification services for POS terminal device with following certificates:
1. EMV Level 1, which covers physical and electrical level interfaces (i.e. the hardware). EMV Level1 describes the minimum functionality required of integrated circuit cards (ICCs) and terminals to ensure correct operation and interoperability independent of the application to be used. Hardware vendors must submit model versions for:
– Secure Processor
– Smart Card Interface Chip Sets for EMVCo Contact Level 1
– Contactless Transceiver Chip Sets for EMVCo Contact Level 1
2. TQM (Terminal Quality Management), represents process for vendor of an Interface Module (IFM – for contact chip and pin) and/or Proximity Coupling Device (PCD – contactless), to obtain a quality mark from Mastercard along with the rules that must be followed when implementing under the schemes and rights between Mastercard and Vendor.

Planned deadline for services delivery is 120 days from contract signing.

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